None of the resources I make, and supply to you free of charge may be used in any money making endeavour. For example, you may not use my masks to create tags/banners/Quick Tags etc that will be sold anywhere, including MPT. I make these items and supply them to you free of charge, so it's only fair that you do not gain financially from using any of my free work. Thank You.

All of these tutorials were created by me using Paint Shop Pro.
My ideas are completely my own.
Please do not try to reproduce or copy any of my tutorials.
My tutorials are not to be sent through email nor any other form of file sharing...this has been happening alot recently. Please refrain from doing this, thank you.
My tutorials are registered with TWI as soon as they are published online to prevent theft of my tutorials, and anyone else claiming to be the author of my tutorials.
You can do whatever you like with your own result of any of my tutorials, but you cannot use them for monetary gain.
Any supplies available with my tutorials were either shared with me or made by me, please do not use any of the supplies made by me in any tutorials without my permission
Bandwidth Theft (hotlinking) is
absolutely NOT allowed
If people do this, then my site will have to close, sorry.
If you are a group owner and would like to link to any of my tutorials, please leave me a link on the Tagboard, just to let me know where I'm being linked from ;)
Please note that you do not have to ask permission before linking, just leave a link.
Thank you.

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