Where Is

Where Is

Supplies needed

Tube of choice
Font of choice
Penta.com - Jeans
My Mask here

I used the wonderful art of Zindy

Let's begin

1. Open a new image 600x600 and fill white,

2. Add a new raster layer and fill black. Layer, new mask layer, from image. Look for my mask and click ok. Delete the mask layer in the layers palette, and ungroup layers.

3. Duplicate the mask layer, and on the original, effects, toadies, what are you with X and Y dose both set to 15. Lower the opacity to around 50%

4. Make the top layer active. Grab you rectangle tool, line width 5, outer set to white, and inner blank, draw out a rectangle and move slighty up, and to the left of your tag. Convert to raster. Draw out a black rectangle to fit inside your white frame, and move this layer under the frame layer. Convert to raster. Effects, penta.com, jeans with the following settings. Amount 36, border width 4.

5. Make the top layer active again. Copy and paste your tube of choice as a new layer and place into position. Duplicate, and on the original, adjust, blur, guassian blur - 20. Adjust, add remove noise, add noise with the following settings.


6. Move this layer under the frame layer. Make the top layer active, and remove any excess tube that is required. I removed some beside the neck area.

7. Add some wording of choice, your name and copyright info, save as a .jpeg and you're all done.

Thanks for trying my tutorial

This tutorial was written by me, weescotslass on 30th May 2016, any resemblance to any other tutorial is completely coincidental. I made this many years ago, but decided to write a tut for it :D