Urban Chic

Urban Chic

Supplies needed

Image of choice
Font of choice (I used Ace Bingham SH)
My Mask - here Mask 59
My Gradient - here
Urban Chic Freebie by Candy's Treats which you can get here
I used the beautiful art of Anthony Guerra. You must purchase a licence to use his art which can be done here

Lets begin!

Just a quickie lol

1. Open a new canvas 600x500 and fill white.

2. Copy and paste paper 11 as a new layer. Layers, new mask layer, from image. Look for my mask and hit OK. Delete the mask in the layers palette and anwer yes to the question asked, ungroup layers.

3. Copy and paste heart glitter 1 as a new layer. Place over to the right of your canvas. Image, rotate, free roate, right 9 degrees.

4. Copy and paste frame 7 as a new layer. Place over to the left of your canvas and down slightly. Image, rotate, free rotate, left 9 degrees.

5. Copy and paste my gradient as a new layer. Copy and paste an image of choice as a new layer. Change the properties of this layer to hardlight. Lower the Opacity to around 70 or so, and greyscale your image.

6. Copy and paste frame 5 as a new layer. Add your copyright information, watermark and name, save as a jpeg, and you're all done.

Thanks for trying my tutorial

This tutorial was written by me, weescotslass on 14th August 2008, any resemblance to any other tutorial is completely coincidental.

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