Recipe For Disaster

Recipe For Disaster

Supplies needed

Tube/Tubes of choice
Font of choice(I used Al Sandra)
Mask from here
Round mask of choice
My Template, Screw and ribbon
Ribbon by Melissa from Scrappy Expressions
Supplies here
Mura's Meister - Cloud
DSB Flux - Linear Transmission

I used the beautiful art of Suzanne Woolcott

Lets begin!

1. Open a new canvas 600x500 and fill white.

2. Add a new raster layer, effects, Mura's Meister - Cloud, default settings, but change the colours to dark colours from your tube. Apply a round mask of choice. Delete the mask and answer yes to the question asked, ungroup layers. Effects, DSB Flux - Linear Transmission with the following settings

Slice size - 5
Offset - 2
Blend - 50
Horizontal checked

3. Add another raster layer and again, Mura's Meister - Clouds, same settings as before, but change the colours to a different colour from your tube. Apply the mask supplied to this layer, delete and answer yes to the question asked. Ungroup layers.

4. Copy and paste my template as a new layer. Copy and paste my screw, place in one corner of the template. Duplicate 3 times and move the others to the other corners.

5. Add any wording of choice now. 6. Copy and paste your tube, or tubes of choice as a new layer and add drop shadows of choice.

7. Copy and paste one of Melissa's bows as a new layer, resize and colourise to suit. See my tag above for placement.

8. Add your copyright information, watermark and name, save as a jpeg and your all done.

Thanks for trying my tutorial

This tutorial was written by me, weescotslass on 9th July 2007, any resemblance to any other tutorial is completely coincidental.

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