Haunted Heart

haunted Heart

Supplies needed

Image of choice
Font of choice (I used Misproject)
DSB Flux - Linear Transmission
My Frame and masked layer - Supplied
Bow, Frameheart, and heart tubes - Supplied. I'm not sure who these belong to. If they are yours and you want credit, please let me know. Thank you.
Supplies - here

I used the beautiful art of Zindy

Lets begin!

1. Open a new canvas 600x600 and fill white. Copy and paste my masked layer as a new layer and duplicate. On the original, not the copy, Adjust, blur, guassian blur - 10. Effects, DSB Flux - Linear Transmission with the following settings.

Slice size - 2
Offset - 3
Blend - 50
horizontal checked

2. Lower the opacity of this layer to around 30% and duplcicate. Image, rotate, free rotate right 90 degrees.

3. Copy and paste the frameheart tube as a new layer. Place around the top left of the masked layer. Duplicate, image mirror, image flip.

4. Copy and paste my frame as a new layer and add a drop shadow of choice. Copy and paste your image as a new layer. Delete any excess thats sticking out of your frame using your freehand selection tool. Move it under the frame layer. effects, Xenofex 1 - Distress with the following settings

Edge width - 8
Irregularity - 90
Edge Type - Jagged

Add a drop shadow to your image layer.

5. Make the frame layer active and grab your raster deform tool. Tilt the frame to the right.

6. Copy and paste the bow as a new layer. Delete any with your freehand selection tool that is outside of the frame. See mine for reference. Add a drop shadow of choice.

7. Copy and paste the heart tubes as new layers and place them wherever you think they look good.

8. Add your copyright information, watermark and name, save as a jpeg and you're all done.

Thanks for trying my tutorial

This tutorial was written by me, weescotslass on 10th February 2008, any resemblance to any other tutorial is completely coincidental.

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