Dear Diary

Dear Diary

Supplies needed

Tube of choice
Font of choice (I used Vanilla Boys)
Toadies - What Are You
Supplies here

I used the beautiful art of Gennadiy Koufay.

Lets begin!

1. Open a new canvas 600x600 and fill white.

2. Copy and paste my template as a new layer. Using your magic wand click inside the red area, fill with a colour from your tube. Deselect. With your magic wand again, click inside one of the rectangles. Copy and paste your tube as a new layer and place the face inside the marching ants, copy and paste as many as you need to fill the rectangle. I used 3 facing the same way, then 2 mirrored. Hide the bottom layers, layers, merge visible. Selections, invert, hit delete on your keyboard and deselect.

3. Unhide the bottom 2 layers now. Duplicate the 'faces' layer and move down into the bottom rectangle. Layers, merge, merge down.

4. With your selection tool set to rectangle, select some horizontal rectangles varying in thickness, I had about 4 on each rectangle. Selections, promote selection to layer, click on the original layer in the frames palette and hit delete, deselect.

5. Make the promoted selection layer active and reduce the opacity to around 30. Make the original layer active, change the properties of this layer to multiply.

6. Make the white layer active, add a new raster layer and fill with a colour from your tube. Layers, new mask layer, from image, look for my mask and hit OK. Delete the mask and answer yes to the question asked. Ungroup layers. Still on the masked layer, effects, texture effects, weave, gap size - 2, width - 5, opacity - 3, weave colour and gap colour both black. Fill gaps checked.

7. Make the templaye layer active and add a drop shadow. Duplicate and on the original, not the duplicate, effects, toadies - what are you - X and Y dose both set to 15.

8. Now make the top template layer active and select the black area with the magic wand, copy and paste the misted flower as a new layer, selections, invert, hit delete on your keyboard. Reduce the opacity of this layer to around 30. Copy and paste my text, or write your own. Copy and paste your tube as a new layer and add any drop shadows you like.

9. Add your copyright information, watermark and name, save as a jpeg and your all done.

Thanks for trying my tutorial

This tutorial was written by me, weescotslass on 25th August 2007, any resemblance to any other tutorial is completely coincidental.

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